PLAY International

About PLAY International

PLAY International (PLAY) is a French, non-political NGO that has been using sport as a lever for education, development and social inclusion since 1999. Its conviction: Sport is a source of solutions to our social challenges. As a powerful vehicle for bringing people together, sport can help bring communities together and integrate the most vulnerable. PLAY's mission is to design and implement education and social inclusion projects for children and people in vulnerable situations, using sport as an educational tool. The NGO works in particular on issues such as access to and retention in school, gender equality, community reconciliation, the fight against violence and discrimination, changing attitudes to disability, health prevention, etc. PLAY International has implemented educational projects in France and abroad in more than 20 countries for the benefit of 1 million children. Today, the association has 4 missions: in France, Kosovo, Burundi and Senegal.

What PLAY International is doing

Within the framework of the European project on social inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers through sport, Playlab has created content for 3 different target audiences: children, families and unaccompanied minors. The pedagogical kits were then deployed in Ile de France in 2021 through several trainings and accompaniments of sports coaches and social workers. From 2022, the deployment will continue in France and on a European scale.

PLAY has also accompanied several organisations in France and Europe in the use of educational tools to promote their actions aimed at the social inclusion of people.