International Federation of Teqball - FITEQ

Country Hungary
Gergely Muranyi
Head of Diplomatic Relations

About International Federation of Teqball - FITEQ

Established in March 2017, the International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) is the governing body presiding over teqball and para teqball through it's 140 national federations. With its office based in Budapest (HUN), the sport has enjoyed rapid growth over the last few years as a result of increasing athlete participation, a growing fanbase and the development of strategic partnerships.

What International Federation of Teqball - FITEQ is doing

CSR was always an important part of FITEQ since 2017 to keep ourselves accountable for building our federation. We still have a long journey ahead of us, but we know that as we grow, our impact will grow with us. We will continue to focus our CSR and sustainability efforts in the areas that connect to our higher purpose of building a brighter and better world. We will always take steps to understand and define how the sport of teqball and FITEQ is having a positive impact. The war in Ukraine is a devastating reminder of how valuable and how vulnerable is our peaceful life. The sport’s community’s response to the current war has demonstrated how together we can make a real difference, particularly in times of crisis.